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If you are O Level qualified you have already opened the doors to an exciting career as a seafarer. Take the opportunity to train yourself in one of three disciplines in the marine industry. Starting off as a deck rating, engine rating or catering rating, you can progress up the ladder of your chosen field. Whether you are in navigation, engineering or catering, your ultimate goal would be to reach the top in each of these disciplines, ending up as a ship captain, chief engineer or chef.

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If you have already obtained your A Level qualification you can take the fast track to an adventurous career. Join up as a Navigation Officer Cadet or an Engineering Officer Cadet, and prepare yourself for a profession that lets you travel the globe and live your dreams. As you rise up the ranks in your chosen field you can aspire to become a ship captain, or a chief engineer in charge of your own vessel, and earn the rewards that come with success in this challenging field.

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Become a Ship's Captain or a Chief Engineer

Mercmarine Training (MSTI): Cadet Officer Programmes 2022

Mercmarine Training offers Sri Lankan youth an adventurous career pathway in the merchant navy

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