Engine Rating


Upon completion of this course, participants will gain the ability to single-handedly and collectively manage maintenance work in the engine room and on board a ship while seafaring. Those trained in this field in one of the best rating courses in Sri Lanka will also be able to ensure the smooth operation of the engine and the ship’s plants while also providing assistance to the marine engineers.

The following are the basic requirements you need to train in this department.

  • GCE O/L – passes in 3 subjects
  • Pass an aptitude test and interview conducted by Mercmarine Training
  • 6/6 vision in both eyes and color vision
  • Aged between 18 -25 on date of recruitment
  • Medical requirements to be fulfilled

Having gained the necessary training from expert seafarers, students will be able to join a ship as ordinary seafarers but experience rapid career growth.

Given that students are trained in a ship-like environment, they will also be able to adapt to all types of work environments.


Trained individuals start as an engine rating but can experience rapid career growth with the right amounts of training and dedication. You could start as an engine rating but ascend to the position of a chief engineer.