ARPA - Automatic Radar Plotting Aids



The aims for this course are detailed as below, in the objectives section. 


Trainees who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Choose an appropriate mode of display 
  • Select plotting and graphics controls suitable to the circumstances 
  • Make appropriate use of operational alarms
  • Acquire and track targets that present a potential threat of collision
  • Extract the information needed on course, speed and nearest approach to enable early action to avoid a close quarters situation 
  • Make use of ARPA to confirm and monitor their actions.

In addition, trainees will understand the dangers of over-reliance on the automatic acquisition and tracking of targets and operational alarms. They will also be aware of the performance standards set out as per the IMO Assembly Resolution A.823 (19), and factors that may affect the accuracy of derived information (to include errors in course and speed inputs).

They will realise the need to check the accuracy of inputs and the correct functioning of the ARPA. The student shall also be able to explain the concepts of integrated navigation as required by navigation and manoeuvring systems.


Those wishing to enter this part of the course should have completed a course of training in Radar Navigation and Radar Plotting.


Documentary evidence shall be issued to those who have successfully completed this course indicating that the holder has completed the training as per the Automatic Plotting Aids (ARPA) course based on this model course 1.07 as approved by the Merchant Shipping Division of the Government of Sri Lanka. 

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