Deck Rating


Working on deck while seafaring requires continuous vigilance. Ensuring the protection of the cargo, carrying out navigational, security and maintenance work are also areas that will be perfected at the end of the best rating training course in Sri Lanka.

Here are the basic requirements that must be fulfilled in order to follow deck hand courses at the best institute for marine training in Sri Lanka and thereafter work on board as a deck rating / trainee ordinary seaman.

  • GCE O/Ls - passes in 3 subjects
  • Between 18 - 25 years of age
  • Mental and physical fitness
  • 6/6 vision and colour vision

Participants will be groomed to become independent seafarers. The location of the maritime training institute in itself provides the students with the prime exposure to life at sea.

Our collaboration with Germany ensures that participants gain all-round training and exposure to the international arena. Having master mariners as mentors is an added advantage to participants following our seaman courses who aspire to be extraordinary seafarers. 


At sea you can start working on ships as ordinary seamen and eventually become a Captain with the right amount of experience and hard work by acquiring the required qualification.