Due to the divergence in environments on a ship compared to ashore, this course is designated to prepare recruits for a life at sea. Working on a ship can be a hazardous occupation for the uninitiated. This course will give new seafarers an insight into the various elements of a ship. The exposure to the working environment of the ship will better prepare them to meet any unforeseen circumstances.This course is planned to make their career transition from shore to sea smooth and to impart knowledge of the ship’s workings before they step on board a ship.

A trainee successfully completing this course will be able to:

  • Comply with emergency procedures
  • Take precautions to prevent pollution of the marine environment
  • Observe safe working practices
  • Understand orders and be understood concerning shipboard duties
  • Contribute to effective human relationships on board ship

Course certificate

Upon successful completion of the course and demonstration of competence, a certificate may be issued certifying that the holder has met the standards of proficiency specified in STCW Regulation 1978 as amended in 2010, REG.VI/I, Sec.A-VI/I, and Table A-VI/I-4.

Such certification may be only issued by centres approved by the administration.


This model course aims to meet the mandatory minimum requirements for seafarers for familiarisation, basic safety training and instruction per STCW Regulation 1978 as amended in 2010, REG.VI/I, Sec.A-VI/I, and Table A-VI/I-4.

Entry Standards

There are no specific entries for the training in this model course. The training is mandatory for all prospective seafarers, who should complete this essential training before being assigned to any shipboard duties.

Dear Students,

To verify your certificates, please send an email to certificate@msti.lk.

Thank you

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